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Summer on Sydney Harbour

April 29, 2021  By Sydney Charter Boat

With Summer well on the way, there’s certainly plenty to look forward to if you’re intending to spend the festive season in Sydney. Not only is the combination of sea and sun almost irresistible, but a packed calendar of events also ensures that life is never dull when you’re in or by the city’s iconic Harbour location. Whether you’re planning an unforgettable day out with friends or want the chance to treat someone special to an occasion that’s guaranteed to make some memories, we take a look at what’s coming up on the Sydney Harbour calendar.

Cruise Party Season

Running from late October to December, cruise party season on Sydney Harbour is the most exciting time of the year. Hundreds of companies take to the water to celebrate Christmas, entertain clients, and treat their staff to a day or night of relaxation and fun. Although there are plenty of beautiful land venues throughout Sydney CBD and along the foreshore, nothing beats a Sydney Harbour Christmas party cruise.

In and around the Harbour is definitely one of the best places to enjoy everything from the Christmas turkey to seeing in New Years Eve. Sydney Charter Boat can provide the venue for your entertainment with private vessels available for both small and large events.

Boxing Day 2019

Traditionally a day to kick back and have fun, in Sydney, Boxing Day is also synonymous with the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Now in its 74th year, the Rolex Sydney Hobart race in 2019 promises to be as good, if not better, than any which have gone before it. With 170 yachts battling it out to be first across the finishing line, the spectacle of so many vessels from across the globe, expertly crewed by some of the finest yachtsmen and women out there, is not to be missed.

Before the race starts, there’s the chance to enjoy a wide range of different activities at the Sydney Race Village, located just down the road from the Harbour at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia on Darling Point. Suitable for people of all ages, the yacht race can either be viewed from the shore or at sea. Many people find a day cruise is a great opportunity to get close to the action!

Australia Day 2020

A fantastic opportunity to celebrate all things Australian, the packed events programme at Sydney Harbour ensures there’s something for everyone on Australia Day. On the water, the tall ships race provides a unique opportunity to see sailing vessels of all shapes, sizes and ages fight it out in a thrilling race from Bradleys Head to Sydney Harbour bridge. From glorious galleons preserved from the age of sail through to nippy yet majestic yachts, the sheer variety of ships makes this race an amazing spectacle.

If you fancy witnessing an incredible display of nautical endurance, the ferrython has got to be your go-to Sydney Harbour Australia Day event. Watch a wide variety of ferries go all out as they race from Circular Quay, out to Shark Island and then back for a spectacular finish at the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you wish, you can apply to be a passenger on one of the ferries – you never know, you might end up being aboard the ferry which wins the coveted title of “fastest ferry”!

There’s also a chance to enjoy the annual Harbour Parade – vessels of many different types take to the water, providing a stunning display that engages the whole family. If you fancy taking part in the Parade, some cruise ships form part of the event, enabling you to enjoy a fantastic day on the water as well as being a part of the celebrations, rather than purely a spectator.

In addition to the races, Australia Day celebrants at the Harbour can also enjoy fireworks, music, light shows and a wide variety of entertainment both on and off the water.

Enjoy a day on the water

Arguably one of the best-known locations in the country, it’s little wonder that the Harbour provides the backdrop for a fantastic schedule of events to mark the summer milestones. With activities and entertainment which offer something for everyone, why not join the growing number of Australians who intend to celebrate in Sydney over the next few weeks?

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