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Work Christmas Party Ideas

April 29, 2021  By Sydney Charter Boat

With Christmas just a few months away, companies across Sydney will be busily planning their office party. If your team are bored with the usual options of a bland Christmas lunch at your local eaterie, or a mediocre buffet along with some cheesy disco tunes, why not do something different? There are literally dozens of alternative work Christmas party ideas which won’t break the bank but which will result in a night which stands out for all the right reasons. Whether you charter a boat to cruise Sydney Harbour in style, decide on a waterside bbq with added entertainment or opt for a night at the tables, it’s time to give your next Christmas party a well-earned makeover. Take a look at some of our great suggestions to discover an office party you won’t forget!

Book a private Christmas boat

A party on board is a night to remember! There is something magical about gliding through the harbour waters, watching the lights on the shore whilst you enjoy anything from a swim and a bbq through to a themed event or simply a chance to dress to the nines and dance the night away. Why not opt for an upmarket cocktail party whilst you cruise, or dress down for a more informal event? Available for lunchtime or evening parties, Sydney Charter Boat have boats available for 2 – 240 guests. Being together on a boat results in a friendly, intimate ambiance which helps make any office party a stunning success.

Why not enjoy wine tasting or take a cookery class?

There’s no rule which says the office Christmas party Sydney workers attend has to follow a set format! If you’re a team who like to learn new things and enjoy fresh experiences, have you considered booking a wine tasting event or a cookery class? Not only is it a chance to gain valuable knowledge, getting creative with food or drink is enormously enjoyable. Ideal for people who dread traditional parties because of the emphasis on social chit-chat, a masterclass can be a great way of ensuring everybody is included. To give added value to your party, it’s possible to book with us and enjoy your class whilst sailing around the harbour aboard our 90 ft luxury cruise boat, Eclipse. Suitable refreshments and the chance to kick back and relax once the class is over makes this type of party a great choice.

Have you considered a murder mystery party?

Anyone who’s a fan of Cluedo or Agatha Christie books is going to love the idea of a murder mystery party. At its most basic, guests dress up in the style of a particular era, location or event (perhaps 1920s, space travel, 1960s or similar). During the party, a fictitious murder occurs! Using the clues provided and their own detective skills, guests are required to deduce who murdered the victim, when and how. Guests have the chance to be a suspect, as well as work together to discover the murderer. Enormous fun and a fantastic way to pass the evening, add to the atmosphere of suspense by booking your party on a hire boat with multiple entertaining spaces. With guests trapped on board with the murderer, the tension heightens as time goes on – will guests be able to work out “whodunnit”, or will the murderer have the opportunity to strike again?

Theme your Christmas party

Whether you opt for themed Christmas party boat hire or decide on another venue, the right clothes can really make a difference to your celebration. Fancy dress provides an instant talking point and an opportunity for guests to leave their everyday persona again. Who knows how Bill from Accounts or Steve from HR will act when they turn up to a party wearing a kipper tie and flares? As well as a ’70s theme, you may wish to consider a traditional fancy dress theme: it may be tried and tested, but a pirate Christmas celebration onboard can be an absolute showstopper! For a more sophisticated theme, the 1920s or 1950s are both great choices. Alternatively, if your company loves the festive season, there’s no reason not to stick with a Christmas fancy dress theme – elves, Santa or even a reindeer, let your imagination run riot!

A floating casino

A night at the casino is always fun, but even more so when it’s a private party on board one of our premium vessels. Sydney Charter Boat can arrange croupiers along with popular table games (including roulette, blackjack, baccarat etc). Guests should dress to impress, or why not suggest a 007 theme to give the party added cachet? We can provide an appropriately decorated casino lounge, along with canapes and cocktails, served from our on board bars. The suspended dance floor offers amazing views across the water and we can tailor the music to suit your tastes – from a thumping disco beat through to swing, big band or even a DJ, you can tailor what’s played to match your party ideas.

Why not let us plan your next work Christmas party?

Sydney Charter Boat are a highly experienced crew who are used to catering for parties of many different types. Our two boats, the Hoochie Mumma and the Eclipse have a wide range of facilities available to add variety and excitement to your party experience. Eclipse offers the perfect larger function space with a dance floor, dining area, stage, two licensed bars and six modern bathrooms. With an on-board BBQ and a modified aft which gives easy access into the water for swimming, Hoochie Mumma is perfect for a smaller, more informal Christmas celebration. If you want a particular form of entertainment or cuisine, let us know and we will make it happen with you. We offer a selection of different packages, or build your own party! As well as high-quality catering we also give you the option to bring your own drinks (on application) or make use of our well-stocked, fully licensed bars. Get in touch now to start planning your work Christmas party with a difference!